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Issue with Ecolab stock fund in 401K not importing correct share price

LZSteve87 Member
For some reason, my 401k holdings for my employer's stock fund (Ecolab Inc.) is not importing correctly. The share price should be ~$300 per share but what imports is less than $1 per share. Seems there are two funds with the TECL ticker code. How do I get this resolved?


  • Boatnmaniac
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    edited August 2022
    TECL is a publicly traded ETF (Direxion Daily Technology Bull 3x Shares) comprised of many different stocks and it last traded at ~$42/share.
    The only stock ticker I found for Ecolab is ECL, not TECL.   It last traded at ~$172/share, not ~$300/share.
    One thing to note about funds in employer 401K plans is that often those funds are not publicly traded, especially the employer stock funds.  Instead the valuation is defined by the plan administrator and it can be very different from the publicly traded security valuation.  Per the SEC filing "Investments in the Ecolab Stock Fund are recorded at the underlying net asset value per unit as determined by the Plan's trustee..."  You can confirm that this is the case by contacting the 401K Plan Administrator or by comparing the NYSE price history for ECL with the share price history provided by the 401K plan.
    Does your Ecolab 401K plan support transactions download into Quicken?  If so, the share prices should be downloaded from the broker managing the 401K plan and should be accurate. 
    If your 401K plan transactions are not being downloaded by the plan's broker you will likely need to manually enter into Quicken the share prices as provided by the 401K plan.
    Regarding that $1 share price:  Is that $1 share price actually getting downloaded every time you are are running One Step Update? 
    Or is it that at some time in the past a $1 share price was entered and there is no later price history for it in Quicken?  If it is the latter, Quicken will carry forward that $1 share price and use it to determine what the current holdings value is.  Correct the share price(s) in Quicken and the value of the holdings will be corrected.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

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