Is there a way to run Scheduled Update in unattended mode?

Looking for a way to run the Scheduled Update without using the vault password.


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    I am not aware of any way to set up nor use PW Vault without having a security PW assigned to it.  And since Schedule Updates requires the use of PW Vault it also follows that the PW Vault PW must be entered.  This is required for our financial security and, I'm assuming, to also mitigate any potential liability for Quicken.
    Those who wish to not be prompted for the PW Vault PW every time Scheduled Updates runs need to make sure, in the Schedule Updates view, that "At Windows startup" is selected and that "Before each scheduled update" is not selected.  The PW Vault PW prompt will then only happen when Windows is booted up.  Then do not shut down the computer or you will again be prompted to enter that PW Vault PW when you next boot up Windows.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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