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Another Chase conundrum

c1916 Member ✭✭
I've got 5 Chase cards in two on-line accounts.

I disabled all 5 cards, then used the "Tools --> Add Account" method to get the two business cards using one on-line account's sign-in parameters and was successful in re-adding.

Then I used the same method to get the three personal cards in a second on-line account re-added. Yes...I ran into the "We'll be back shortly screen" a couple of times, but persevered and now the Chase site *THINKS* that all three accounts are being tracked by Quicken.

But they're not. Two of them were successfully re-linked and even though I had to go back and clear up transactions duplicated (seemingly at random) back to April, 2022, <sigh> those two cards are in reasonable shape. The third card...again Chase thinks that Quicken is tracking it (so using the "Tools --> Add account method doesn't work because there are no more accounts to add)...but it isn't linked in Quicken at all and definitely isn't being tracked.

If I go to that credit card account and click "Set Up account" Quicken goes gray....forever. The Q equivalent of a blue screen. I've tried from within Account Details/Online Services and I've tried from the gear in the upper right hand corner to "Set Up Account" No matter what I do, Quicken hangs dead in the water.

I think what I'm looking for is somehow to disconnect my quicken accounts from Chase, but I can't really tell.

Open to any advice.

Using R43.14 Build Windows 10.


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Go to:

    And expand "Quicken via Intuit" and select "Edit Sharing".
    From there you can deselect the problem account and select "I agree".

    Once that is done, in Quicken, use Tools -> Add Account and select the Chase icon, and follow the instructions.  Be sure to link your online account to the account in Quicken in the dialog near the end of the process.
    This is my website:
  • Daniel Arbeeny
    Daniel Arbeeny Member ✭✭
    I went to Chase and de-authorized quicken yesterday. check today and it was still de-authorized. I then went into quicken (as suggested above) and added a chase account. It went through as normal BUT at the end of the chase website process I got the dreaded "check back later". I then cheeked the chase website and it did authorize quicken BUT quicken is stuck waiting at the "Sign into Chase" screen.
    Seems to me Chase website is not properly communicating with Quicken (or vise-versa).
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