Why can't we have a budget report or Actual vs budgeted in the Mac version just like Windows has?

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This blows my mind. I appreciate that quicken for Mac is seeing more and more updates but I can honestly say I haven't used any functional update released in the last 2 years. Yet, I have been searching for and asking for this simple update for that same time. (see https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7894122/include-scheduled-transaction-amount-when-viewing-entire-budget-year-budget-q-mac#latest).

All we want is a budget report that shows budgeted amounts, actual spent and remaining for the whole year (yes into the future) so that I can see if I am overspent or underspent. It would be great to get the "rollover" feature too.


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    @jshaf I agree about the importance of this feature and have been outspoken that this is a fundamental shortcoming of Quicken Mac. Unfortunately, the posts on this site are seen by fellow Quicken users and a few Quicken moderators — but not Quicken executives or members of the product development team.

    Sadly, the lack of a usable actual versus budget report seems to indicate that no one on the Quicken development team or management team actually uses the budget in Quicken Mac in real life, or they would understand how problematic this is! 

    As you may know, there is a long-running Idea thread requesting this functionality. The good news is that the status of this thread was changed not too long ago from "Under Consideration" to "Planned". That means it is not only something the developers have agreed to do, but that they have assigned it a time slot on their development roadmap. The bad news is that we don't know when it will to appear; it could be nearing completion and show up next month… or it could be part of a long-term project to rewrite the budget code to build in multiple requested features and not show up for another year or more. For those of us who think this is a serious omission in Quicken Mac, we can only wait and hope it appears sooner than later. 

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