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I'd like to add a new transaction type for retirement accounts to distinguish between Roth and everything else.

Is there a way to add another category? Right now I have "Banking", "Investing", "Retirement", "Education", etc.

Thank you.


  • jacobs
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    It sounds like you're asking for new Account types, not new transaction types. In any case, no, there is no way to add new account types, nor to organize the accounts within a category differently. Since a Roth account is a retirement account, that's where Quicken Mac shows it.

    The only thing you can control is the order of accounts under the Retirement heading, if you do some renaming of accounts. If you add a "Roth" prefix, you can at least have them appear together in the list of retirement accounts. So if it would help, you might do something like:

    IRA Trad-Fidelity
    IRA Inherited-Vanguard
    IRA Roth-Vanguard (self)
    IRA Roth-Vanguard (spouse)

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