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Migrating from Quicken 2017 Mac -- Need to manage finances from different devices

Tommy Frommy
Tommy Frommy Member
edited October 2022 in Before you Buy
I'm currently on Quicken 2017 Mac and need to upgrade.
At the same time, from now on I need to be able to enter new expenses from different machines, i.e. either via a web application or an app.

If I look at the options, I see "Quicken for Mac" Starter/Deluxe/Premier (question: does it come with web/app access?). It says Premier comes w/ web/mobile app (question: just to look at entries or also to enter new expenses).
and then I see Simplifi (question: for the Mac also? with entering expenses via web/mobile app?)
Last question: can I migrate my Quicken 2017 finances to the new Quicken?

I've been using Quicken for more than 20 years. But now, I really need help to select the right options. Many thanks :)


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    All of the Quicken Mac subscription levels are able to sync with Quicken Cloud, which allows access via a mobile app and/or a web interface. You don't need Premier for this feature. (I don't recommend Starter unless your needs are simple: no budget, no investment accounts, no loans.)

    That said, many people here (Including me) are very wary of problems we've seen reported by others in the sync process between Quicken Cloud and the desktop data file, and do not recommend turning on the Sync feature at all. If you decide this is functionality you need, my advice is to make sure you store a long and robust history of backup files just in case you run into a problem and need to go back in time to resolve the problem. 

    Other options for two computers? If one is your home desktop and one is a laptop you're using at work or while traveling, a simple solution for some people is to use a screen sharing app on the remote computer to vie the screen and run the program on the home computer. If that's not viable, your other option is to move your data file back and forth between the two computers. This has to be done in a very specific way to avoid problems, and I'll refer you to a post about this exact topic in another thread.

    Yes, your Quicken 2017 data file will be copied and converted to the current Quicken Mac format; you shouldn't have any problem with all your data transferring smoothly.
    Simplify is an entirely different online-only platform Quicken developed. While it has similarities with the Quicken desktop programs, it is completely separate; you cannot move your existing data from Quicken desktop to Simplifi. If you're open to starting from scratch, and are okay with all your data being online, then you might want to look at Simplifi.
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  • Many thanks jacobs, very helpful!! :))
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