Why is Quicken's IEFA Closing Stock Price Frequently Wrong? And what can be done about it?

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I discovered this issue because of Schwab's new Performance Tracking feature, which is pretty cool. I was working to compare Time-weighted Returns using my data, and I was finding dates where my market value in Quicken wasn't matching Schwab's. Upon further investigation, it is occurring because the IEFA closing price in Quicken's price history doesn't match that in Schwab (or Yahoo, or MarketWatch).

I've found this to be the case for multiple dates, and now I am hoping there is a simple fix for this short of my researching and entering closing price data every day.

And what quoting service is Quicken using?


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    I don't think anyone knows for certain what quote service Quicken is using. And I don't know of any way to correct the prices on individual dates without either deleting them or editing them. Are you saying that every day is wrong? I just added the security IEFA to my Quicken, and it downloaded the correct closing price for today ($60.13); I didn't research prior days.
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    Not every day, but perhaps 30-40%? I haven't checked all of them. I did see one date's value was simply a day late, but I don't believe that is always the case. Here is a sample of what I've had to change. I am curious about the zero volume days and if there is a pattern there.

    I've tried rebuilding the history but no difference.
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