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Clean install of Monterey 12.5.1 and clean download of Quicken. Didn't have my QDATA.quicken file handy so I chose quicken on the web at the initial setup screen. I then grabbed my data file from my backup drive and placed it in my Applications folder, but when I tried to launch quicken and open that file it said it needs an update first to open it. But alas, I cannot check for updates since the only thing that comes up on the Quicken menu bar is the spinning beach ball. Right clicking the icon presents Darrell's Finances.quicken and Force Quit. I simply want to 1)update Quicken so my data file is compatible with it and 2)select my QDATA.quicken file. I have deleted the app and tried to reinstall but it skips that initial setup page where you can choose a file and goes back to the same state. Can someone please help? Any suggestions are welcome.


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    Launch Quicken while holding down the Shift key. It will ask if you want to open your most recent data file; select Cancel. This should bring you to the Let's get Started page. Now you can select Check for Updates on the Quicken menu to download and install the 6.9.0 release.

    P.S. You might want to consider putting your Quicken data file somewhere other than the Applications folder.
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    Jacobs, thank you that worked.
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