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Vanguard and T. Rowe Price appear to have different account setups for IRAs. When I downloaded the Vanguard IRA, it appears in the sidebar as one account, with each of the securities under that account. However, when the T. Rowe Price data was downloaded, each individual mutual fund came across as its own account.

The reason is that Vanguard has one account number for the entire IRA, but T. Rowe Price has a separate account number for each individual fund (why, I don't know).

I would like to have all the TRP funds under one account like the way Vanguard is set up. Is there any way of doing this in Quicken?


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    I whether at Vanguard, you have a brokerage account while at T. Rowe Price you have only mutual fund accounts? With a brokerage account, everything is under one umbrella; with mutual fund accounts, each fund is a separate entity. I don't know of any way to change this in Quicken if that's the way T. Rowe Price is downloading data to Quicken. Perhaps some other TRP investors here will chime in.
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    Thanks Jacobs. You are correct about one being a brokerage account and the other being individual MFs. I was just hoping to know if Quicken could get around the issue.
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