Some High/Low Prices and Volumes not updating properly (e.g. GSK*)

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I have noticed that some high low prices and volumes have not been updating as of 8/10. Examples are GSK (symbol GSK*) and Nestle (symbol NSRGY). Most of my holdings are updating correctly, but I was wondering if I am doing something wrong with the ones that aren't updating.


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    Hi @Ken From Evans GA

    On the GSK problem, in your Quicken datafile, is there actually an asterisk after the GSK?  If so, that isn't correct - the symbol should just be GSK.  While I'm not sure that is actually causing the data from updating, have you tried manually forcing an update of stock market data?  If not, try that first.

    Also, please open up the account that hold each of the securities and then click on "Holding" > then click on the security's name > then click on "Edit Details".  In the pop-up window, is there a check mark in the "Matched with online security" box?  If there is, uncheck that box (for each security) and then close those windows.  Next do an update of the accounts that hold those security.  You should then be given the option to rematch each security.

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • Ken From Evans GA
    Thanks for the recommendations. However, GSK* is the correct stock symbol (after the reverse stock split and spinoff of Haleon, and also, I tried unmatching the security and then rematching it, but that didn't work. I wonder if something is wrong with the data provider for those few stocks. At least the closing prices are being updated. Thanks anyway.
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    According to Morningstar, GSK is the symbol for the US ADR shares of GSK Plc, selling for $33.73. They also list GLAXF at $16.13. Quicken also allows GSK.XT at $1,390.40, which is apparently the London stock exchange version. I don't see any references online to GSK*.

    You can have any one of these in your Quicken security list, but not 2 at the same time. Which do you hold?
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