Mac & PayPal Update Don't Play Well Together...

Joseph Michael
Joseph Michael Member
Holy Moly... after the hours I spent with Quicken yesterday and being told this was an ongoing problem and I may never get an update because I am using Mojave... I tried to link both my debit card and my credit card... and, guess what happened? I won't keep you in suspense any longer, success, unbelievably it updated perfectly...!!! Quicken must have fixed the ongoing problem, literally overnight. Kudos to the Quicken techs that worked on and completed the task. I'm certain there will be a lot of happy people now that the problem has been fixed.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Joseph Michael I'm glad your problem is resolved. I just wanted to let you know for the future that these types of connectivity problems almost always involve parties other than Quicken. Most download problems are caused by a change made by a financial institution and then, sometimes, Intuit — who Quicken hires to handle connectivity to financial institutions — needing to revise their programming to play well with the changes at the financial institution. In most cases, Quicken isn't making any changes, and is just relaying trouble reports to Intuit and waiting for one or both external parties to fix what is broken.
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