For the last couple of days my Merrill Lynch account have the wrong balance

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It appears each day the update works, but the balance does not match what shows on Merrill's website. I tried deleting the account and re-adding it but it still shows the incorrect balance. It was always correct and matched as of a few days ago.


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    I assume this is an investing account.

    Please run a One Step Update after 7:30 PM or before 9AM Eastern time, when the markets are closed and the closing share prices have been updated. Click on Holdings while viewing the account and compare the securities, number of shares, and share prices to what is shown on Merrill's website. Is it the number of shares you hold or the share prices that disagree?
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    Ah, so it looks like Quicken is not getting the Money accounts/Cash balance portion - that is what is missing. I'm not sure if there is anyway to have that download? Thank you for the help.
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