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HELP Chase Amazon SYNC Transactions updated/overwrote incorrectly back to February 2022

TLMc4UandMe Member
I use Quicken for Mac and had this very troublesome issue happen today with my Chase Amazon card SYNC. It did not happen with any other account:
1. Every Amazon purchase was changed/overwrote to 3 split categories whether it was a split or not (it copied a previous transaction and made all the same split) back to February 2022. Everything is wrong now. I will have to look up my Amazon invoices to repair this damage manually.

2. It took every CHASE transaction and duplicated them back to April 2022 so I have to manually delete them.

I tried to restore from a previous backup but it did not work.

Has anyone else had this problem? Can it be corrected automatically?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    First question: why did restoring a backup from a previous day not work? Getting the backup to work would probably be easier than fixing transactions manually.

    Next, I would look to see if you inadvertently created a QuickFill rule which was applied to all these transactions. When splits are copied to a bunch of different transactions, it sounds to me like a QuickFill rule was applied. But I'm not sure that's the issue; are all the Payees different, but the split is applied to every transaction?
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