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This is nice and all, but I wish someone at Quicken would reach out to the unnecessarily paraoid InfoSec folk at BoA and tell them they are the ONLY financial institution which requires 2FA EVERY. TIME. YOU. UPDATE. IN. QUICKEN.

I've made the request directly to BoA but suggestions from lowly customers fall on deaf ears. Perhaps Quicken leadership might be heard better if it were communicated that Quicken user experience with BoA is in the toilet right now.


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    Say it's not so!!! Switching from DC to EWC+ means I'll be looking for a new bank. No more BoA Bank Bill Pay!  :s
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    Oh it is so!  Most FIs are considering this.
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    This seems to be the direction Quicken is pushing.  I doubt that DC will be available long term from any banking institution.  How the investment accounts will be handled is another question.  

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    jrich75 said:
    How the investment accounts will be handled is another question.  
    That is an interesting question given what has so far happened with the investment accounts for the Chase change over.

    When the Chase change over started it was asked if it was for both the banking and the investment accounts and Quicken Inc said it was for both.  But so far it has only been for the banking accounts.

    I wonder if that is because the initial institution is incorrect or because they are finding that converting the investment accounts are far harder to do.

    Because of long standing laws the banking and investment accounts have been separated and even though they consolidate that information on one website in the background the are handled very separately by different companies even (under one main company).  So, that might have to do it it not switching over, one part/company is onboard and the other isn't.
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