Which duplicates to delete based on FITID?

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Like many, I have had issues with this insane, unannounced, poorly-handled Chase download change. I downloaded yesterday and there are now many hundreds of duplicates dating back to June 1. The new duplicates have FITIDs starting with TX.

Even though it doesn't take a certified database manager to know that a unique identifying ID like a FITID should be immutable once assigned, I do understand the problem, and that the FITID has changed and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm willing to take steps to delete the duplicate transactions, as stated in the support docs, but which one do I delete? Do I delete the already reconciled transactions with the old FITID, or do I delete the newly downloaded ones with the new FITID? If I delete the new ones, don't I risk them downloading ONCE AGAIN because that new FITID is gone? But otherwise, I also have a problem deleting reconciled transactions.

So I get it, we delete the duplicates as it says in the support docs. But which ones?


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    I would delete the ones which just downloaded with the new connection. The old ones have been reconciled, edited, categorized, etc., so you don't want to redo that work. Quicken maintains a hidden list of every FITID it has ever downloaded, so once you delete the new transactions, they won't reload again in the future.
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    Super helpful! I didn't realize this hidden list of downloaded transaction IDs existed: I assumed it would sync using the IDs still in your register. Thank you!!!
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