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My scheduled transaction for social security on Quicken for Mac no longer works. My deposit occurs on the second Wednesday of the month. But now you can only schedule for the same date on each month. Why was that changed? It means that I must manually enter that deposit because the scheduled date will be wrong.


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    @cswigart  No, you can definitely still schedule transactions for the second Wednesday of the month. If you're not seeing that option, the trick is the little widget to the left of the Starting date on the Schedule screen. If it shows "v", click it to toggle it to the "^" position, which reveals addition fields for refining your transaction. Here's what that looks like, for a transaction on the 2nd Wednesday of each month:

    I have argued with the developers for years to change this stupid "v"/"^" icon to a button that says "Show More"/"Show Less", so it would be more apparent to users, but for whatever reason, they've stuck with this poor choice of user interface design. This question comes up pretty much every week on this forum, so you're by no means alone in being fooled into thinking you can't schedule transactions in ways you actually can! ;)
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