Update this week remove most assets from one of my Schwab accounts

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Update this week remove most assets from one of my Schwab accounts. I restored an old version and fixed a bunch of things, ran another update and those assets disappeared again. Is this a bug or specific to my account?


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    Perhaps the update put one or more Placeholders in your account.

    [edit - sorry, this answer is specific to Quicken for Windows, but the same principles should apply to Mac]

    To make Placeholders visible, go to Edit > Preferences > Investment Transactions and make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked. 

    Placeholders will have a gray background in the account’s transaction list (register) even if they are not selected, and will have “Entry” in the Action column.

    Placeholders compensate for missing or incorrect investing transactions by forcing Quicken’s share balance for a security to match a specified value. This is usually the share count downloaded from your financial institution (FI).

    If your issue is caused by Placeholders. please post back for further instructions.

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