How to Stop Quicken from Renaming Payees (Q Mac)

I'm using quicken for mac. It auto-names all my payees, often getting them wrong. For instance, it turned (an editing service I use for my business) into I thought it was a fraudulent charge! I can right-click and revert to the bank name of the payee, but I don't want to have to do that for hundreds and thousands of items. I just want the payee to come in as it is in my bank statement and for quicken to stop auto-naming my payees. How can I fix this?


  • jacobs
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    In Preferences > Connected Services, you can uncheck this checkbox:

    This should stop the server-based renaming. You can still create your own renaming rules when you want, so if you find that your bank downloads " Inc." and you want to have the Payee as simply "Critique-Match", you can create a renaming rule to do that.

    Also note that unchecking this box will also prevent server-based auto-categorization of transactions. But again, you can create your own QuickFill rules to apply desired categories for Payees.
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