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How can you remove a missing stock split prompt for a stock split already recorded?

The following GSK / HLN series of transactions has wreaked havoc:
7/19/22 GSK 1:1 stock split
7/21/22 GSK spin-off of HLN
7/22/22 GSK 4:5 stock split

It took a couple of attempts to get everything recorded the way it should be but I'm confident that it is recorded correctly.

I'm left with a notification every time I download transactions that prompts me to download a 1:1 stock split on 7/19/22 to replace a 4:5 stock split on 7/22/22. Every time I either deselect the proposed stock split or cancel, but it reappears the next time.

When/how will it stop proposing the stock split?

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    I have been seeing the same issue with the suggested 1:1 split through a one-step update. I tried a variety of approaches today to clear the prompt; all failed to do so. So right now I am continuing to uncheck the suggested change and close the pop up. Repeat each OSU. 

    I am suspicious that the action to uncheck and close, which is supposed to stop subsequent pop ups and used to do so, is no longer working correctly. But I have no ther current splits to check that speculation. 
  • Jim_Harman
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    Several years ago I was getting repeated notices about a split that I had already recorded. In my case, accepting the proposed split and deleting the one that was already entered solved the problem. That may or may not work in this case; be sure to back up your data file before trying it.
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    @Jim_Harman. The problem here is that the suggested split is 1:1 whereas the correct split is a different date and 4:5. I tried your sequence earlier and after accepting and correcting to reality, the pop up prompt returned. I agree your sequence used to work and might still work for the right circumstances, but it didn’t work for me in this case. 
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    Hi @kdier and @q_lurker

    In tune with the old saying "misery loves company" - I too am seeing this annoying pop-up prompt.  I also have not been able to shake it.


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  • q_lurker
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    Since I am using the Report a Problem within Quicken and referencing this discussion, I am adding a screenshot of the problematic pop up.  

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