Chase Online Transfers between accounts no longer avail

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Prior to the Chase migration, I was able to use Quicken "Transfer Money" transaction entry and Quicken would ask if I wanted to do this as an online transfer. If I selected that, then the next time I did Chase accounts update, it wold execute the transfer in Chase automatically. It now appears that this feature has disappeared and I have to go online at Chase website to execute the transfer there in addition to entering it in Quicken. Is that correct or is there some setup I need to do to be able to execute account-to-account transfers from within Quicken? This is not connected to Bill Pay - either in Quicken or in Chase.


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    To do online transfers, just like controlling Chase's billpay via Q, requires a Direct Connect connection in Q.  The recent changes to the Chase connection eliminated Direct Connect and converted it to Express Web Connect+.
    EWC+ does not support any process that requires Q to send information like an Online Transfer to the FI, it can only receive downloads of transactions.

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