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I am getting a message that the new Chase connection is ready but not getting any prompt during the one-step update, anyone else has the same issue? Also, the Chase account online balance in Quicken is incorrect, I assume this can happen during migration?


  • MaryEl
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    I'm not receiving that prompt either, though the transactions updated.
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    MaryEl said:
    I'm not receiving that prompt either, though the transactions updated.
    @MaryEl apparently the connection change happened anyway without any outward sign that it did. The connection type remains the same as before, Quicken Connect, even though in the backend, it changed to EWC+. The account was out of sync for a while because it incorrectly included pending transactions in the total but seemed to have been resolved as of a week ago. 
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    Is there some way to check and see if the connection change has taken place on it's own?
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    Lawson said:
    Is there some way to check and see if the connection change has taken place on it's own?
    One thing may be useful in this regard:

    Go to the Security & Privacy tab at the Chase website, then look for the Linked apps and websites section.

    - You may see Quicken listed here

    Click on the ">" link in the upper right corner of the section to open up this section to see details of the Linked apps and websites. Clicking on the disclosure triangle in front of an active app will reveal details including last access and original activation date (Started sharing on).
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    For what it is worth here is how I understand the situation, note that I'm a Quicken Windows user.

    On the Quicken Windows side the connection methods are called:
    1. Web Connect (Download/import QFX file).
    2. Express Web Connect.
    3. Express Web Connect +.
    4. Direct Connect.
    On the Quicken Mac side Quicken Connect is basically the same as Express Web Connect/Express Web Connect +, there are some differences, but they are what most closely compare.  The others are the same.

    So, Express Web Connect + and EWC+ really come from the Quicken Windows side and have a connection flow like this:
    Quicken (the program) -> Quicken server/Quicken Cloud dataset -> Intuit server (the aggregator) -> Financial institution's website

    The only difference between Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect + is the protocol used between the Intuit server and the Financial institution's website.  Express Web Connect just uses whatever Intuit and the Financial institution "agreed to".  Express Web Connect uses the new FDX protocol which you can read about here:

    In Quicken Windows each of the connect methods show up in various places, but especially at the top of each register and as such on can tell if the conversion happened:

    Whereas for Quicken Mac it is calling its equivalence just Quicken Connect, and so as I understand it there isn't any way to really tell that it is using the new protocol or not.  Maybe in some log, but not in the GUI.

    Your best shot might be what @lhossus suggested and look at the linked apps on Chase's website.
    Note this isn't 100%.  One could get through the part where it was authorized on the Chase website and then fail to make the change over in Quicken.  This has happened to many people using Quicken Windows.
    And to complicate things even more, some people using Quicken Windows are reporting even though they have changed over the prompt to reauthorizing isn't going away.

    Hopefully these kinds of problems aren't showing up in Quicken Mac and if that is true then basically I would guess that if you went through the reauthorization process without any errors, you probably are OK.
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    One very important note.  This thread is in a Quicken Mac category, and as such the answers you are getting are with that in mind.  If you are using Quicken Windows, you are in the wrong thread/forum category.
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