Restored Quicken view of data disappears after opening

I've installed Quicken 2017 Deluxe on my new computer. I restored latest files from 2013 Quicken Home & Business which I've been using on old computer. I only really need the home part so I didn't think there would be a problem. After restoring the file, the screen shows my Dashboard-like page, everything looks good. A pop-up window asks if I want to upgrade to 2017 Home & Business to which I click no. Then everything disappears! I'm left with a blank screen. How do I get my data screen back so I can use Quicken?


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  • Nicole144
    Thanks for the link.... I posted my problem there.
  • MichaelConn99
    @Nicole144 First of all I have to caveat that I'm not an IT guy, just someone determined to find an answer to my problem. Without actually being able to see your computers/issue, my first thought would be to install 2013 Quicken Home & Business on your new computer. Then use Restore from backup to open your original data.

    If you still get the blank white box then (if it were me), I'd uninstall 2013 Quicken Home & Business from the new computer using a program that also gets rid of any registry entries. Would restart. Then reinstall 2013 Quicken Home & Business (do not open).

    On the old computer I would Enable Show Hidden Files in File Explorer and go find the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\ folder which probably has a Quicken folder and copy it to a USB; then replace the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken folder on the new computer with the one from your old computer.

    Then if you were able to open and see your files with no problem, in theory you should be able to install Quicken Deluxe 2017 on the new computer.

    Basically follow what I put on the other post to see if you can get your files opened on the new computer.

    I hope it works.
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    UPDATED:  I misread something.

    @MichaelConn99 You can't use the configuration files from Quicken 2013 to bypass the Quicken 2017 login because the license information changes from year to year.

    Note that Quicken 2013 won't have this problem.
    The problem is with Quicken logging in with the Quicken Id to the Quicken servers for non Subscription versions of Quicken.

    Quicken 2013 was the last year version of Quicken that doesn't use the Quicken Id at all.
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    If you used Quicken 2013 on the old computer, may I ask why you (attempted to) upgrade to Quicken 2017 on the new computer?
    Personally, I would have stayed on Q 2013.
    Do you have your original Q 2013 installation CD or saved downloaded 2013 installation file?
    Now all you need to do is to re-copy your Q 2013 data files from the old to the new computer. The ones you accessed with Q 2017 are no longer compatible with Q 2013.

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