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On One Account, the reconcile option was set to 'Auto-Reconcile'. All has been working well until the bank changed the paper statement date. Therefore, I would like to change the reconcile option back to 'Manual/Paper Mode'. But, When I click on the Reconcile option < Ctrl-R >, I no longer get the option boxes to either "Use online balance" or "Use statement balance", and I'm thus unable to (easily) reconcile to bank statement date. Don't have any history to share. I don't know whether this is a result of a recent upgrade or if I inadvertently changed a setting. Any suggestions? Note: I always reconcile manually (against a paper statement).


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    Right click on the account name in the Account bar and select Edit/Delete Account to bring up the Account Details dialog. Select the Online Services tab and at the bottom of it deselect "Reconcile using online balance" and then OK.  Now when you select Ctrl+R it will bring up that option.
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