How do I open .QDF file from 2004 interim version of Quicken with 2004 deluxe version?

I am aware that there are lots of advices out there regarding converting data from previous versions of Quicken (Windows OS), however these seem to have footnotes that they are only for US versions of Quicken and I am based in Australia.
I am trying to open a .QDF file and experiencing problems.
Originally this file was in created in Quicken 2003 and was on an old computer that has since gone to computer heaven.
I then downloaded and installed Quicken 2004 (no idea what version) on a Windows 7 Pro OS and was able to open/edit the .QDF file and print reports successfully, however it was only able to be opened 25 times before having to purchase. As this is a very old file and is only used to track historical financial records in the winding up my mum's estate, I thought 25 times would be sufficient!
I've since discovered I'll need it for a while longer so decided to upgrade to Quicken 2013 Free Version. In installing this, instructions were to uninstall the 2004 version which I did. When I went to open the file in Quicken 2013 I was unable to do so (can't remember the message), and decided to uninstall it, re-install Quicken 2004 (planning to use up a couple more of the free file uses) and upgrade the software version at another time.
I then installed Quicken 2004 Deluxe (appears to be a different version to what I previously had) and have been unable to open the .QDF file, getting the following message:

My question is this - if this file is from a 'interim version of Quicken 2004' how do I find out what version and can this be converted to an updated version of Quicken?
Thank you for considering my issue - I am completely a noob when it comes to working through issues like this!


  • Oops! The following message snippied file didn't come across: Message is 'Cannot open file. The QDF file is either damaged or from an interim version of Quicken'
  • Please ignore my request above... think after many hours of researching I've found a temporary solution which will tide me over for now. Apologies everyone!
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    What was that temporary solution so that any other Australian users that might have the same issue can benefit from it?
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