Chase Conversion to EWC+, Can't Download Pending Payments

So I made the forced conversion to EWC+ for my Chase accounts and later figured out that I cannot enter bills in Quicken and upload them to Chase. I also learned that I cannot even process a transfer between accounts from Quicken. A bummer, but okay, I'll perform these tasks online on Now I find out that the bills I have entered on line with future dating on are not downloading to Quicken. So now I have committed funds to pay a bill, but the future dated bill is not in my Quicken register. I spent some time chatting and speaking with a tier one support resource at Quicken (who was very nice) and we finally figured out together that downloading bills that are paid on will not download into Quicken. The solution, I was told, was to sign on to and enter the payment and then enter the same transaction again (double entry) into Quicken. This process makes Quicken pretty useless to me. The support representative said that maybe this feature will return later as EWC+ is upgraded. I certainly hope this is the case. The current set up is very inefficient and could lead to errors.


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    I wouldn't count on such feature ever be added to Express Web Connect +.

    There is a general view by financial institutions that it is safer to have Express Web Connect to be a one way operation.  It has been this way since it was first created.  Express Web Connect + adds a standardized and secure protocol between Quicken Inc's aggregator (Intuit) and the financial institutions, it doesn't change this long standing policy.

    If you use reminders in Quicken for the bills that you do all the time, the "double entry" really isn't that bad.

    Personally I take a different approach to paying my bills.  I setup all my bills to be paid automatically on the given biller's website.  Most of them are charged to a credit card that pays me cash.  This means that not only are they automatic I have 20 to 30 days from the time they are posted before I actually have to pay them.  And I have the credit card paid automatically too.  This means that the "cash flow" is much easier since most of it is just paying off the credit card each month with a transfer from my checking account.
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