Issue with online balance for chase accounts



  • DebVirginia
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    When I first tried to reauthorize Chase, the drop down list did not allow me to choose an existing account. I clicked "Skip" and moved on. Just a couple of days ago when I tried to reauthorize the Chase accounts, the accounts that should be linked were in the list BUT after reauthorization the balances were WAY off. I had made no other updates to my accounts, so I went back to my automatic backup file from the day before, reopened Quicken with that file and have not attempted to reauthorize Chase again.

    I'll wait for a resolution on the balances problem.
  • Dmmac
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    I am so disgusted about the online balance and ending balance on my CHASE accounts not matching. On my accounts it has nothing to do with ANYTHING pending. NOW they want me to RE-AUTHORIZE my Bank of America Accounts, THINK NOT!!!!
  • Bob@61
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    As a long-time Quicken user, I agree the connection change to EWC+ was terribly managed, in my case for Bank of America and Chase accounts. As many, I got confused with re-connecting to existing accounts, some double posting of transactions, and lastly, with Chase credit cards, reconciling to a balance that apparently also included 'pending transactions'. I successfully waded through each of these issues with modest effort, but was stuck for weeks waiting for a fix on the Chase accounts. Yesterday, I realized the problem was simply the 'opening balance' for the account was changed with the connection change --when corrected, everything reconciles. It's possible that Chase fixed something on their end as well (notwithstanding periodic "Quicken announcements" they're working on it). Anyway, just wanted to let others know my experience --now resolved!
  • dmkahn
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    Now there's a pull down where you can tell it to ignore pending transactions in the online balance. So the situation now is that the amount shown in the accounts tab on the left no longer has any basis whatsoever in reality. It's different than the balance shown in the register, different from the balance shown in that new drop down where you can tell it to include or ignore pending transactions, so it's now completely useless. One of my accounts was even showing a positive balance when the cc account had a cleared balance of -$500.xx.

    Dear Quicken, all I want you to display on the left hand accounts tab is the cleared balance as shown in the register. Why would you display something completely different than that????

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I might look down the account list balances to see if there's any CC's with balances I may need to pay. Now what?
  • Bob@61
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    My experience with the the EWC+ conversion was confusing, but not a disaster. In addition including ‘pending transactions’ , and for a period, the ‘online balance’ was off (now resolved with the difficult-to-find drop down menu) —and the ‘starting balance’ changed, compounding the ending balance problem. When adjusted, it works for me.
  • Bob@61
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    Oh, I forgot duplicate downloads that I had to find and delete. Then everything worked! Actually quite a mess.
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