Reconcile with filter in register window

:s When I'm trying to reconcile an account, I often use the search window to find transactions (they may be in the wrong account, etc). However, as I continue to reconcile, the search filter is still set such that when I have a transaction in the reconcile window that I need to edit (and click on the edit button), IT DOESN'T SHOW UP in the register because the SEARCH FILTER is STILL SET! Very frustrating. If I click on "edit" in the reconcile window, the register should open in a new window with no search filters set. I can't tell you how many times I've been pulling out my hair (wait, hair? I used to have hair) trying to figure out why clicking edit in the reconcile window doesn't open the transaction for editing.


  • Chris_QPW
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    There is only one register, it can't be filtered and not filtered at the same time.

    You might suggest that they should clear your register filters if you are reconciling and jump to the register, but of course that might cause others to complain.
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