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I am running Windows 10 latest update and Quicken starter with latest update. Problem... using ‘customize toolbar’ I add 'use a specific memorized payee' to the toolbar. When I select the icon from the toolbar, it works by adding the payee to the account register. But, after running ‘one step update’ successfully for all financial accounts and then select one the specific memorized payee icons from the toolbar, I always get the message ‘transaction no longer available. would you like to redefine this icon?’ It then works after redefining it, but when I run ‘one step update again, I will get the same message problem. However, if run update for just one financial account, the toolbar memorize transactions works at it is supposed to.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Yes, this is a bug that has been reported before, and isn't fixed.
    As it sits right now you can't use a memorized payee like that from the toolbar.

    You might use Help -> Submit a problem, to hopefully give the developers more information to try to fix this problem.
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