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Is anyone using Quicken for Mac and connecting with USAA for Banking? How is the experience?

doug5solas Member
Nothing else. Just trying to make a purchase decision.


  • CG_
    CG_ Member
    So far that one seems to work just fine. Other accounts have issues though, so I'm definitely not happy with my purchase. Just look at the thread for Citi and see that nothing seems to get resolved if their API has problems.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    If you search for USAA on this site, you'll see that there are have been on-and-off problems in recent months. I believe the problems always start with changes made at USAA's end, and then waiting for them or Intuit (Quicken's connectivity supplier) to catch up to the changes. 
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • Well, I purchased. We shall see if it was a mistake. I actually use multiple banks so things might be a bit of a wild ride.
  • Joel
    Joel Member ✭✭✭
    usually good! No worse than other banks that have issues every so often that are probably linked to software upgrades.
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