Why can't I add other security types on Mac while I can dol it on windows ... ?

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I want to separate cdn stocks , iShares, Mutual funs, US stocks Mutual funds ect...


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    Quicken Mac doesn't (at least yet) allow users to add custom security types, because certain features in the program likely depend on understanding how certain types of securities behave. But for details on "why not…," you'd have to hear from the development team, and there's no mechanism to ask or get an explanation for such a question.

    You can certainly make securities which are stocks and mutual funds, but you can't have separate types for, say, US and Canadian stocks; to Quicken, they're all stocks. Similarly, for ETF's, just identify them as mutual funds, because for Quicken's purposes, they behave the same. In the Portfolio, you can see the performance and holdings of your various securities individually and in aggregate. If you wanted, you could rename some of your securities with a CDN or US prefix, so they'd all be grouped together in the Portfolio table, but that wouldn't allow you to total them separately. (I haven't tried it, but there is a type of "other" you could use for segregating one such group from the others, but I don't know if there'd be any adverse consequences of doing so.)
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