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Does anyone have a contact for a seasoned Quicken Person (who also works on Mac) that would work one-on-one? Preferably in person or virtually?

I'm needing to make multiple changes at once and would feel much better having someone who is technically savvy with Quicken.

Thank you.


  • jacobs
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    For in-person help, you'd need to share your location. I don't know if you'll get any replies here, as there aren't a lot of Quicken Mac "experts" on this site regularly… but it can't hurt to try. Are you pretty sure that the issues you need help with can't be dealt with by getting Quicken Support to screen share with you and walk through the issues?
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    I am in the Boston area. I spoke with someone on Quicken support, but he really wasn't helpful. I'm hoping there's someone out there who is somewhat of a Mac/Quicken wiz that can work with me directly. They don't have to be in the Boston area and I'd certainly expect to pay for their service.
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