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Chase Update

I have several Chase accounts (checking, credit card, home equity line of credit)
and have FINALLY managed to process the new authorization where it links the
new account to my current account. I would never have gotten it to work using Quicken’s instructions! Found the correct instructions in a random post (deactivate, then add new accounts, link new accounts to old) - thank you to whoever posted that tip!!!

But while the checking and credit card accounts look ok, the HELOC doesn't
show transactions now. It appears to download the transactions because it asks
about dups as it is loading, but when finished it has a weird screen that just shows
the balance. I've alwavs had it appear as just another debt account with payments
and interest showing as individual transactions. Made it easy to reconcile when
paying extra principal payments.

Anyone else having this problem? I've searched Quicken to see if it is a displav
setting that I need to change but can't find anything.


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