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:/ Prices aren't updating for me in QW Deluxe. I looked in price history and found some 0 volume records that result from manual transaction entry. Those seem to lock the price record on that day, so I deleted all of them. I ran quote update again but still no new prices.

As a test, I deleted some price records from an ETF that prices daily* (ITOT) and ran historical price update for it for the past month. The records were replaced, so that process works. Why current prices aren't updating, I don't know.

*It's not germane but, despite trading daily, some don't get daily historical prices, e.g., IXUS.


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    There is a hierarchy to the prices recorded in Quicken's price history, as defined in the last section here

    Manually entered prices have precedence over all others, so they will not be over-written by prices from other sources.

    Price history entries that include High, Low, and Volume are generally ones that came from Quicken's quote provider. The quote provider downloads daily prices for the past 30 days, Friday prices for the 11 months before that, and month-end prices for years 1-5.
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    @Jim_Harman, thanks for your input.

    "Manually entered prices have precedence over all others, so they will not be over-written by prices from other sources."

    I am aware of that, which is why I deleted the 0 volume records. Those seem to be the result of transaction entry by me. The result is as described, they don't get updated.

    The fact they don't get updated is why I deleted them. I wanted to see if that's what prevented quote updates. It did not.

    I just started another instance of Quicken on a different computer, using the same file. (The file is on a network drive.) It now updated. I don't know why it wouldn't, on the other computer. That installation is the one I use most often and has usually updated as expected. I occasionally have to delete manually-entered price records for the reasons above, but they otherwise update normally.
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    I hope you never have two instances of Quicken with the networked file open at the same time. That is a recipe for file corruption. The only supported configuration is to have your data file on a local drive with no cloud backup trying to access it.
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    You likely know all this, but just in case …
    The other source of 0-volume prices are downloads from your brokerages. But those values should get overridden by current or historical prices from Quicken’s data suppliers.
    To be clear, your entry of a price in a transaction is a transaction price (bottom of the hierarchy), not a manual price entry (top of the hierarchy). 

    With regard to current quotes via Quicken’s data supplier, I believe the three applicable requirements  are: correct ticker symbol, checked in security list to Download Quotes, and owned in an account or in the Watch List. 

    I suspect there was just a glitch this morning that prevented updates from getting to you, or only limited information getting in. 

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