Repeated Chase Reauthorization Prompt (QWIN)

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  • Gumdoc
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    I keep on getting the Chase update screen despite having already have updated Chase account.
    Quicken for Windows. This is very annoying and needs to be fixed!! FYI, this Chase update security issue downloaded many duplicate transactions that made reconciling accounts a major [pain]. [Removed - Rant]  Much time was needed to correct my accounts. This should never have happened!!!
  • How and where can we DISCONNECT an Inactive account? Thanks!!
  • Chris_QPW
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    How and where can we DISCONNECT an Inactive account? Thanks!!
    First thing to check is that it is disconnected in Quicken. Right click on the account name in the Account Bar and select Edit/Delete account, and select the Online Services tab.  If it is activated there select Deactivate.  After that go to the Chase website and log in.
    Go to the menu and select Security & Privacy.  On that page there is a section for "Apps", and click on that, and once in expand the sections.  From there you should be able to unselect a given account for being authorized to download transactions.
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