checks print upside down since update R42.8 (July 2022)

just saw the response. None of the suggestions worked. Still have to load checks upside down for them to print correctly.


  • UKR
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    Are you referring to your original discussion, which was closed by Community moderator after a period of inactivity?
    Other than paper input trays 1 (and optionally 2 or more), some printers have a manual feed or auxiliary input tray for processing envelopes, odd types of paper, etc. Does yours? If so, which input tray are you using?
    I've had printers with an aux tray where I could feed voucher checks face up with the lowest numbered check on top of the stack and they'd print correctly. When it broke, I replaced that printer with another one which doesn't have an aux tray. If I wanted to print checks on this new printer, I'd have to reorder them into highest check number first, then load them face down into the input tray so that lowest check number is pulled in first. Luckily, I have another printer with a straight-thru paper path. I can just simply load checks into tray 1 (the one and only), face up, top of form nearest to the printer and go.
    I would need to know more about your specific printer model to be able to make suggestions.

  • muadoc
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    I'm using the multipurpose tray on a Canon LBP612C/613C for years. The issue is not the check order. I used to load a page of checks, face up one at a time. Now that prints upside down and I have to place the checks upside down, face up, with the extra perforated strip loading first. Nothing seems to fix this and otherwise the printer works perfectly.
  • UKR
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    I don't have your printer make and model. All I have is Epson printers.
    When I go into the Control Panel / Printers and select my printer's Printing Preferences, I can find an option "Rotate 180°" which would make the page image print upside down.

    Is it possible that a Windows update or a printer driver download changed a similar setting in your printer's system wide preferences setting? Can you check?