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:/ I am not able to reconcile my Chase Bank credit card account. It is telling me I am out of balance, however, I have reconciled by hand and that is not the case. Best I can figure, Chase is including pending charges in their "current balance" and that is being used by Quicken as the "cleared balance". As it is, the current "cleared balance" in Quicken matches with my "statement balance" on the Chase website. The "statement balance" in Quicken is the Quicken "cleared balance" minus pending charges. I have updated to R43.20 and still have the issue.


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    I had the same problem. I currently maintain 2 copies of my Quicken file. One using Direct Connect and the other EWC+ since EWC+, in my opinion, is not ready for primetime. Yesterday I was notified that a new Chase CC statement was available. I reconciled my Direct Connect Chase CC account yesterday to the online balance but held off on the EWC+ version since 3 transactions that were included in the statement had yet to download. Those 3 downloaded today. I couldn't reconcile to the online balance since the EWC+ online balance included some pending transactions. So I decided to reconcile to the paper statement instead and it reconciled just fine. You can always switch reconciliation methods after this mess gets fixed. However, if you're reconciling between statements then you'll have to what until any pending transactions clear and are downloaded so you can reconcile to the online balance which at that point should not have any pending transactions included. With Direct Connect you could reconcile your account any time to the Online Balance since it never includes pending transactions but with EWC+ you need to wait until no pending transactions remain. This EWC+ online balance problems need to get fixed ASAP. With only about 2 weeks left until the EWC+ conversion deadline I'm not optimistic that all these problems will get fixed in time.
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    I'm having this problem, and I just click Finish Later and try again once the accounts sync up, which they do if the account is not getting new charges every day.
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    Thanks so much for posting this! You just saved me from lots of detective work. I have the same problem with my Chase Checking account; my reconciliation is off by the total of pending transactions.
  • This is a bad flaw in Quicken's handling of the "new" Chase downloads. They never included PENDING transactions in the account online balance before, and now they are. In this case, they should either INCLUDE PENDING TRANSACTIONS in the download, or SUBTRACT PENDING TRANSACTIONS from the balance (preferred please!!). For now, the workaround is to MANUALLY ENTER my additional pending transactions into Quicken (by looking at the Chase website) and then to reconcile against online balance. The main problem is that Pending transactions by definition are subject to change until fully posted. This means manually-entered pending transactions in Quicken which are reconciled could change afterward, and I would have to modify reconciled transactions which is a "no-no" in finance. This is a bad oversight to whoever developed or implemented these new API's. Please fix it before I lose my mind!
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    I submitted this exact issue and explanation through the "Report a problem" feature but that feature gives the user no traceability once the issue is submitted. The problem needs to be resolved. Posthaste.
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