R43.20 update has completely wrong allocation figures which were correct before the update today.

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How can I correct this. Quicken is showing international ETF's that are almost exclusively stocks as largely cash or bonds.


  • q_lurker
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    Need tickers vof the ETFs that are reporting wrong for cross-checking.
  • drbfm
    drbfm Member
    MFEM and ISEM (both are virtually 100% emerging market stock ETF’s but are downloading as “single asset class” of “cash”). PXF and MFDX (both developed international stock ETF’s downloading as single asset class of cash). Nonsensical and didn’t happen until most recent upgrade. You have a problem.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Quicken is not the only quote source that shows MFEM and MFDX as 100% in Cash. Here is the allocation for MFEM per Morningstar. The other 2 are OK in M* though. 

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