chase reauthorization errpr causing me hours of restoration

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the first time I signed in this morning I was supposed to reauthorize but quicken couldn't link any of the accounts. The second time, quicken linked one account and when I reauthorized it, quicken erased over 6 months of catagories literally over 400 charges. I luckily backed up last night. When I restored my backup and logged on again, I was asked to reauthorize chase again, this time I tried it and it linked all my accounts in quicken however my credit card which had a zero balance, now had a $4600 balance and I couldn't find why. Every charge since acquiring the card in 2020 was accounted for, I have no way to regain my balance except through reconsiling so I restored the backup again.

What am i to do ? This is the most unprofessional update quicken has ever launched. I am ready to give quicken up for good


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    lahills said:
    This is the most unprofessional update quicken has ever launched. 
    I don't know about that.  I think the change over of Capital One and the change over of Schwab are big contenders for that title.

    I will bet they think they are doing better on each of these new conversions, but to the users that have to deal with them, I'm sure they don't agree.
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