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  • I have been using Quicken for more than 20 years and have kept all the updates and new releases current. So I have one Q file with more than 20 years of data. I purchased shares in a company in 2013 and sold them all in 2014. I then purchased the shares in the same company again in 2021. My quicken file seems to have kept the 2013 cost and added the 2021 purchase cost so my cost base is wrong. It should only be he 2021 purchase. My portfolio holdings report shows a big loss on the security when in fact there is a gain based on the 2021 purchase and current market value. Can this be fixed?
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    @Mike Wolf , When you refer to your portfolio holdings report, what are you looking at? The Account Overview, which is displayed when you click on an account's Holdings button? An Investing > Portfolio view? One of the investing reports? If so,which report?

    If you are looking at a Portfolio view, what is the name of the column that shows the big loss?
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    Presuming you really mean Cost Basis and not Amount Invested, I would pursue as follows.

    Use a Portfolio view with a cost basis column Grouped by account.  Vary the As of date back in time to confirm that the cost basis is incorrect as of a specific date.  Check transactions on that date.  Delete and re-enter any specific transactions as applicable.  The likely premise if the the final sale in 2014 needs to be re-entered.

    Double-check that there are no placeholders active for this security.  Edit preferences to make sure hidden transactions are shown.      

    Validate and Repair the file choosing to repair lots.  
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