Missing Categories List and Everything Defaults to Uncategorized

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Hi everyone,

Just reinstalled my Quicken app and connected a few accounts. After all the transactions loaded, I noticed all transactions were classified as "Uncategorized". When I clicked to select other categories, it seemed like the list was missing. I was only given options for: Adjustment / Transfer / Uncategorized.

What should I do to get the default list loaded and categorization algorithm applied to my transactions?



  • Jon
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    Categories are stored as part of your data file; if you lost your list of categories then something happened to your file & you should restore from a backup that still has your categories.

    If you're a new user and your data file got messed up somehow and the categories were lost I have to wonder what else might be missing. I would seriously consider just starting over with a new file. But if you're determined to keep what you have then go to the Window menu in Quicken & select Categories, then click on the little circular icon with three dots in it in the lower left corner of the Categories window. One of the options in the pop-up menu should be "Add Default Categories". Select that & see if that fixes you up.

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    There is also a way to export all your transactions to a file and then import that into a new, blank Quicken data file (which will have all the default categories). BUT… if your transactions are currently uncategorized, they won't be re-categorized if you do this. And you'll have to re-set up all your accounts for downloading, saved reports, budget, and preferences. So it's just something to consider as a last resort. As Jon said, if you have backups oof you data, that's probably a much better way to proceed, even if you have to go back in time a bit and re-enter some recent transactions.
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  • bondera
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    Hi everyone, wanted to follow up on this. Got off the phone with customer support, they had me start a new file and then add all of my accounts back in - that seemed to have fixed the issue.
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