Anyone have problems with Export to Excel on Windows 11?

The 'Create Excel File' dialog box using Quicken on a Windows 11 computer does not work. The dialog does not allow for entering a file name. The only way to export to Excel on a Windows 11 computer is to use the 'Copy to Clipboard' feature.


  • Tom Young
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    It's working OK for me on Win 11.  The prompt is "Export to Excel Workbook" for Reports.  Where are you at when you're seeing "Create Excel File?"
  • I am just doing the generic Transaction report for the Reports menu. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesnt work it is because when the Windows dialog comes up to pick a file location and name the file, there is no box to enter the file name. I have noticed Quicken crashes more since I moved from an older Windows 10 computer to a new Windows 11 computer. I check the Event Viewer when it happens and I can see a Bug-Splat error but about all it usually says is Invalid function with no details.
  • dennis.f.warren
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    BLUF: Installing the 32-bit (x86) version of the .NET Framework Runtime solved my problems.

    I "may" have solved my own problem. The problems I have been having w/ Quicken lately are on a brand new 64-bit computer. Not only did I have these export problems, Quicken would crash a lot, and it would even crash when I tried to "Report a problem" under the Help menu. Inspecting the Event log on my computer I could see the Quicken Application error (bug-splat) and the only information provided was "Invalid Function". And right there was another .NET Framework error with QC.EXE as the culprit. So, Invalid Function in .NET Runtime I am thinking???? So, the only .NET Framework on this new computer is the 64-bit version of .NET Framework (6.0.9). Quicken is a 32-bit program. So, I downloaded and installed the 32-bit (x86) version of the .NET Framework...and problems solved.
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