Roth IRA Income

Quicken only allows the Category _DivInc when reporting dividends paid from my Roth IRA. The account is set to Tax-deferred. Why am I unable to categorize those transactions as _DivIncTaxFree?


  • Chris_QPW
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    _DivIncTaxFree would be used for a security that is tax free inside of an account that is taxable.
    For accounts that aren't taxable this is handled at the account level.  If you look at the tax reports you will see that by default they don't include the Roth IRA accounts.

    And the only way to use _DivIncTaxFree in an account would be select "Inc ..." as the transaction entry, and type the amount into the Miscellaneous field, and they you can use the "Category for miscellaneous" field for the _DivIncTaxFree category (with Show hidden categories selected).
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