Mutual fund not showing value in portfolio value

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on 31 Aug - our financial advisor transitioned our cash into a mutual fund.
The account has some cash and the bulk of the account now sits in a mutual fund.

In the transactions - we see the purchase
This however is not reflected in our overall value of that account.
i tried to reset the connection -- the account type is brokerage.
I tried as well to use Simple view vs Detailed view to see if it might show back up -- it hasn't.


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    If you moved cash from, say, a checking account to a new brokerage account, you need to make sure there is no opening balance for the brokerage account, and that there is a transaction which transfers the cash from the checking account to the brokerage account. Next, there would be a transaction to buy shares of the mutual fund; that transaction will decrease your cash in the account to fund the mutual fund purchase. Note that in the transaction register, you see the cash balance in the account, but not the overall value of the account; for that, you need to go to the Portfolio view, which will show the total cash + mutual fund value of the account.
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  • donnarey
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    The portfolio view only shows cash -- not the Mutual Fund
    the transactions were downloaded from UBS and I see the purchase of mutual fund - and the cash was reduced.
    It just isn't showing the mutual fund value
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