Merging 2 bank accounts as you suggested, but run into a problem:

On each item being moved, it asks whether I am sure about moving a reconciled item.
My data goes back to 2004 - I just can't say yes to each individual item - there are too many!
Is there a better way?
Thank you


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    You can try the following:
    1)  Back up your data file before proceeding.
    2)  In the account you want to move transactions from: 
    • Left click on the 1st transaction in the register.
    • Scoll down to the last transaction in the register and while holding down the Shift key left click on it.  All transactions in the register should now be shaded.
    • Right click anywhere on the shaded transactions > left click on Reconciliation Status > click on Cleared > Yes.
    • All transactions should now be uncleared.
    • Try moving the transactions, again.  You should not be prompted to approve each and every transaction.
    • To get all of these moved transactions changed back to Reconciled follow this same process but instead of clicking on "Cleared" click on "Reconciled".  Or you can do a Reconciliation process on the account.
    Did this resolve the issue for you?

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