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Bug Report for Windows 11 Quicken

My wife’s PC is Windows 10
My PC was Windows 10
We have Quicken R43.20

We put our Quicken file on a share at Y:\Quicken\Quicken.QDF
Everything was OK

Then I upgraded to Windows 11
On August 26, Quicken asked me to download a new version, which I did

Here is the bug: the Windows 11 version of Quicken on my PC saved my file to

So, when I used Quicken, I was using C:\Users\artda\Desktop\Quicken.QDF
But my wife’s Quicken was still using Y:\Quicken\Quicken.QDF

We discovered the problem and fixed it so that we are not both using the same file.
But I think this is a bug in the Quicken Windows 11 install.


  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Quicken will tell you that you are not using the program in an approved method.  They explicitly state that the Quicken data is NOT to be stored and used used from a network or shared folder.
    Also, there is NO such thing as Quicken Windows 11. 
    Windows 11 is an approved OS for subscription Quicken to run on as is shown on

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    - Subscription Quicken - Win11 and QW2013 - Win11
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