I need help with a message I am getting which forbids me to do anything on the program

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In 2021, which I've been working on recently, for a reason I don't understand, and which is new as of today, I get the following message when I click on any transaction in any account: "Can't modify this transaction, because it has been damaged. Please delete it and create a new one." Wjat can I do? I need access to the program's contents very quickly - for tax purposes. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


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    Hi @impeck

    Sorry to hear the you are having these issues, especially at this critical time.

    I think that you have two possible courses of action.

    1) you can try restoring a recent backup file to see if this issue goes away. or

    2)  you could also try restoring an older backup file - (perhaps one created shortly after 12-31-21).  That file may be less likely to have problems and should give you the data that you need for your tax return preparation.

    Hope this helps.  Get back to me with any followups.


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    Data damage - which sounds to be the case here - can sometimes be overcome by opening a backup before the damage occurred and then bringing that file up to date, (if needed) and sometimes can be overcome by going through the Copy and Validate routine. This article explains the process:

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