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I have 300 shares of Amazon stock which are shown in the Transaction History in Quicken under the security detail view. An additional 20 shares is shown in the history from a stock split which I don't think I own. Under the "My Holdings" section, 585 shares as shown as held. I actually own only 300 shares which is shown on my broker's statement.

How do I adjust the shares to 300 in Quicken. This an auto update account.


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    Ignore post...I was able to remove 285 shares although I have no idea how it happened in the first place.
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    Removing the extra shares will certainly be the share balance to match, but if you want to be able to track your cost basis and performance accurately, you will need to find and fix the original problem.

    Click the account's Holdings button and adjust the As of date to see when the discrepancy first occurs. Then go to the account's transaction list (register) and find a transaction on that date. Correct or delete and re-enter that transaction.

    Always back up your data file before changing historical transactions. 
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