OL362-A errors for multiple investing accounts

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It may be unrelated, but yesterday I deactivated and reactivated a Vanguard investing account that transitioned form their legacy mutual fund platform to their brokerage platform. This appeared to go smoothly.

Attempting a One step Update (OSU) this evening, most of my accounts downloaded OK but 3 investing accounts at 2 other FIs came back with OL362-A errors. According to the description, this error indicates that the FI downloaded transactions for an account that does not exist in Quicken.

I followed the instructions here
which said to to deactivate the accounts, restart Quicken, and reactivate the accounts.

The reactivation seemed to go OK with no error messages or duplicate transactions downloaded, but when I tried another OSU, I again got multiple OL362-A errors, this time with different accounts and different FIs.

I exited Quicken, rebooted Windows, and restarted Quicken, and finally the OSU completed without any errors. 

I am relieved that the errors have gone away for now, but it is troubling that they occurred in the first place.

I am running QWin US Premier R43.20
QWin Premier subscription
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