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Can someone please explain why this new Chase Migration is required? I have a Chase Visa card and, aside from having to dismiss the message asking me to perform the migration each time I download transactions, my transaction downloads are working just fine. Given all the issues I have been reading in the various posts that others are having with the migration I am reluctant to migrate. Would like to hear what others think about this.


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    The method for downloading is changing (as it has for other financial institutions on a slow roll-out).  The method you are currently using will be deprecated at some point.  I suppose you can keep things as they are until they stop working and migrate then... but you will eventually have to migrate.

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    Chase made the decision to change the Direct Connect and Express Web Connect connection methods to Express Web Connect+.   Those of us who do not convert to EWC+ on/before the end of this month will lose the ability to download into Quicken via OSU. 
    For those who do not wish to do the conversion, their Chase accounts can still be updated via WC (downloading manually from the online accounts) or manually manage the accounts in Quicken.
    Chase is not the only financial institution going this route.  It started with Schwab (last Nov) and was followed by PayPal (in Mar/Apr).  BofA is also now in the process of cutting in this change.  Others will be following but we will only find out which ones when they notify us that we need to make the conversion.

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