How to see the subcategories within a report on Windows?

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New user here! I am using Quicken on a Mac and Windows. When I create an Easy Answer report of where did I spend my money, on my Mac, I can change the row to Category from Payee. On Windows, I don't see how to do this. I want to be able to see the details of my main category (for example see Utilities and all the accounts under it) on the report while on my Windows computer. Does anyone know how to change those settings/layout?


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    I assume when you say "see Utilities and all the accounts under it" you mean see "see all the transactions under it". Or do you mean "see all the subcategories under it"?

    In some reports in Windows you can double click on an amount and see the underlying transactions. In others, there is a plus sign next to the Category name and you can click on that. If there are subcategories, thay are revealed. If you are already at the lowest level of subcategories, it shows the transactions.
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    Specific to Quicken for Windows:
    The Easy Answer report you mentioned is a tabular report, showing monthly totals only.
    If you wish to see Categories and Subcategories, with monthly totals and subtotals, try the Spending by Category report
    If you wish to see Transaction Detail, together with subtotals for categories and subcategories, try the Itemized Categories report. By default, it displays a top-level summary of main categories only. You can click the "Update to show" button in the report view to expand the report to either "Category Summary", to show subcategories, or "Transaction Detail", to show all summary levels plus transaction details for each transaction within the selected Date Range.
  • Thank you for both of your responses. However, I wasn't able to get the view that I am looking for.

    On my Windows computer, from the Quicken Standard Report, I selected the "Where did I spend my money during the period...?".

    The report appears as I want (income vs. expenses) and by each month of the year. However, under my expenses, I only see the main category not the subcategory (mind you I'm not interested in the individual transactions). When I click the 'Customize' icon in the upper right, I don't see a way to add subcategories.

    Granted, the 'Spending by Category' report does show exactly what I want (expenses/category/subcategory). However, I also want to see my income on the same sheet (as shown in the "where did I spend my money" report.

    If I am still unable to resolve this problem, will Quicken support help me? Or if I save the view / report on my Mac, can I import that same view on my Windows computer?
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    Take a look at the customization Advanced tab. I think you’ll find a show subcategories check box. 
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